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An Assisted Living Community

Life at the community: Friendship, support, privacy, and community. A home and a family.

Shadowed by tall pine trees, the rambling structures comprise single- and double-occupancy rooms, activity and shared living areas, a dining hall, and a separate section for people with various forms of dementia. A couple of friends hold hands for support.

Landscaped lawns and benches surround the buildings. Individuals read; groups of friends sit and wait for the next meal; a woman walks around and around for exercise to lose weight; people play bingo to pass the time; staff provide personal care such as manicures; people attend presentations or watch TV together.

Residents, still very much a part of the community, march and ride in the Memorial Day Parade.

On Memorial Day, a group is driven to the town center to participate in the parade. What a difference--instead of watching the parade as an ordinary resident of the town, to ride in it!

A cookout on the lawn under the trees brings together the extended family.

Friends and families join the residents on the back lawn for a barbecue cookout. A child shares her cookie with her grandfather.

The community is ordinary daily life, marked by a variety of lifestyles, and sharing around the inevitable changes that affect individuals. Thus, it is much like a small village.

It is life, life in an assisted living facility.

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