Peabody Celebrates Immigrant Roots with Ethnic Food, Music, Dance

Submitted by Jerry Halberstadt on Thu, 09/18/2014 - 22:42

At the Brazilian Community Christ Church event For a few hours, Peabody Main Street was more than a symbol of old-fashioned community—it was a melding of many communities including Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Irish, Jewish, Caribbean, Brazilian, Armenian; and with corresponding church and social clubs. And every kind of food!

With roots back to Colonial times, Peabody is home to many national and ethnic groups, both established and newcomers. This 31st annual Peabody International Festival drew large crowds who came to eat, to look at displays, to dance, sing, and play music, to greet and be greeted, and to celebrate a warm, sunny, Fall day. And of course, all the elected officials of Peabody were there, but also present were office holders from other North Shore communities, and hopeful candidates for local, state, and national office—all eagerly mixing with the crowds, greeting old friends and making new friends. For a sampling of the activities, please view the slide show.

Irish Step Dance performers
The food!