Salem is charming, Salem has natural beauty, but global warming continues here

Submitted by Jerry Halberstadt on Fri, 10/10/2008 - 18:03

My appreciation of Salem MA has been confirmed. Salem's historic downtown has been recognized as one of the 10 best neighborhoods by the American Planning Association. Reported: Salem News

I enjoy walking in and photographing Salem. I most enjoy the natural beauty of the woods and shore, but I also find that the historic downtown and the growing arts scene are vibrant. As a member of the Salem Arts Association, I exhibit in our gallery on Artists' Row, in sight of the Old Town Hall.

A while ago I tried to provoke some interest in the local aspects of global warming, especially with respect to the coal-fired power plant. I couldn't get any answers from the plant, and since then there has been a tragic explosion and no real answers on what the plant will do limit polution and to limit degradation of the area or the atmosphere. HealthLink follows developments at the Salem Power Plant. Another activist source of information is Stop the Plant Now.

I urge you to read an essay that states clearly the moral imperatives with respect to global warming: our obligations to our children and grandchildren and to the earth. For Yom Kippur