PhotoLuminations announces: A Tree for Max, illustrated kids' book, released for publication today

Submitted by Jerry Halberstadt on Mon, 11/28/2011 - 19:02

PhotoLuminations, an imprint of New Technology Publishing, announces the
publication of A Tree for Max, an illustrated fable for children in digital format.


A Tree for Max, an illustrated story for children, tells the story of
Grandfather Apple Tree, the King and all the trees of the forest, messenger swans, and a dog, all cooperating to help a young boy, Max, obtain a
tree to help him adjust to his new home. It is a story of loss and
discovery, a fable of growth and change, and love of the natural world.
It is suitable for children, their parents, and grandparents.

The first distribution is through KOBO.COM and the book should be available
through their site within several days.

In addition to planned distribution through Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
Apple, and other online commercial sellers, the book will be distributed
at reduced cost through charitable channels in support of programs of
literacy and environmental education for children in need.

Responding to the rapidly changing publishing environment,
PhotoLuminations will publish only in digital formats, which can be read
on any portable device as well as on computers.

Author and publisher Jerry Halberstadt, in a recent interview, described his
philosophy as "Stories can be told in words or in pictures, but come to
life when the reader can imagine a world created in words, and see
images that relate to a physical reality as well as a fabulous
environment. Such a story knows no limits. I call them "fables."

Most of the photographs were taken in or near Peabody, in the apple orchards at Brooksby Farm, and at Cedar Pond, as well as in the estuary of the Forest River in Salem. Copies of the book have been donated for use in the English language programs in the primary grades of Peabody and Beverly.

New Technology Publishing, Inc., has been publishing handbooks for patients with chronic health conditions since 1992. PhotoLuminations™ is a new imprint designed to reach children with richly illustrated electronic books, retaining the classic feel of large-format picture books without adding game-like interactive features.

For more information:

Contact: Jerry Halberstadt

A Tree for Max: A Fable [Kindle Edition]
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