Report to the King on Max and His Tree

Submitted by Jerry Halberstadt on Sat, 03/10/2012 - 22:32

To: The King of the Trees
cc: His Minister of the Forests, Maple Tree
cc: Grandfather Apple Tree, Grandmother Apple Tree
cc: All the trees of the forest and wetlands

From: The Messenger Swans

Subject: Status of Max and his Tree after Almost One Year

We have recently returned from a visit to observe Max and his Tree. We are pleased to report that the Max is now five (5) solar years of age and that he is thriving and joyful. The Tree, after spending almost one (1) solar year in Max's yard, is thriving and anticipating the Spring, and has many new branches and a multitude of buds.

Max demonstrates a good mastery of tree biology, namely, on observing the buds, he predicts they will make leaves and flowers, the bees will visit and make honey, and then the tree will make apples. We note that Max and his family used sticks, wire, and plastic to protect the tree from winter storms. We note that the tree is in need of pruning, and we recommend that Max should take suitable steps to prepare the tree for the growing season.

We also observed that Max took pleasure in showing the tree to his Grandfather. And that the tree is now integrated into back yard activities, such as chasing a visiting uncle, where the tree serves as a marker and turning pole. We felt right at home and perfectly safe in Max's yard, because Keren the Canaan dog was there to guard and protect us as well as Max. The flight to Max and return was without incident.

Illustrated version of the Report

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