Dogged Flight, a book by Canaan dog Keren

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“I have always wanted to fly.” Thus Keren, a nine-year-old female Canaan dog who loves to tell stories (some are true), opens Dogged Flight. Keren tells the secret of how she realised her puppyhood dream of flying with the birds.

Keren loves to chase and play with anything that moves, but can’t catch birds. She is dogged—she won’t give up in her efforts to learn how to fly so she can play with the birds. To overcome the challenge, she recalls the teachings of her parents and the traditions of her desert-living Canaan ancestors. She turns to the experts in flight, the birds, seeking to learn their secrets. Although she tries very hard through observation, instruction, and practice, she still can’t fly. One day, when she isn’t even trying to fly, she finds herself airborne.

“I wanted to tell my story as an example to the young dogs and children of today,” said Canaan dog Keren. “The youth of today don’t give enough credit to the wisdom of their parents. They don’t have the patience to overcome a challenge. Everything is just too easy for them. We are in danger of losing our traditional values. I hope my story will remind them to live up to their traditions and to respect the teachings of their parents. If they do, then they can also become a dogged dog, like me.”

Jerry Halberstadt, a writer and photographer, has faithfully captured Keren’s narrative. Keren’s ancestors, her family, her life exploring seashore, wetlands, forest, and the many species of birds she encounters introduce the reader to the life of dogs and birds. Keren’s story is illustrated with 83 luminous color photographs including images provided by talented people who helped record Keren’s life; capture the life of the Canaan dog in the Israeli desert; record life with Bedouin families; and a rare image of an Israeli Canaan dog in flight.

Older children and adults can use the supplementary sections of the book to learn information and resources about the Canaan dog, for understanding and living with dogs, and for learning about birds.

A story of determination and discovery, a fable of growth and change, and love of the natural world for children, parents, teachers, and grandparents to share. It can be used as a picture book, a chapter book, or for independent reading, and is ideal for classroom use with a projector. Ages: 5-7 read-to or with assistance. From 7+ or second grade for independent reading.


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Publisher Jerry Halberstadt described the PhotoLuminations concept. “Stories can be told in words or in pictures, but come to life when the reader can imagine a world created in words, and see images that relate to a physical reality as well as a fabulous environment. Such a story knows no limits. I call them fables, connecting ourselves to our children and to nature. We avoid the use of interactive technology, because we want the books to promote interaction between adult and child, and want the focus to be on learning and understanding, not on technology.”


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Keren is available for interviews and photo opportunities by appointment.

Jerry HalberstadtDogged Flight: A fable told by Canaan dog Keren. (Peabody:Photoluminations 2012)
ISBN: 978-1-882431-19-9 epub
ISBN: 978-1-882431-16-8 PDF
ISBN: 978-1-882431-15-2 Kindle

Praise for Dogged Flight

“A great story for kids from 5 to 105 years old.”(—Beth, Canaan dog companion)
“It is inspirational. It teaches you to follow your dreams and to never give up...a great book to read to a second grade class (like mine).”(—Madison, 8 years old)
“I shared it with my second grade class. We loved it! We had a nice conversation about the story after we read it. The moral was very appropriate for children and they LOVED the pictures!”(—Amy Egan, Teacher)
“This book would have children asking that the book be read again and again. It is a treat for dog lovers. Keren is a loving, gentle, alert, and proud dog who is regal, friendly, and intelligent. Sometimes she forgets she is a dog.”(—Sister Claire Theresa, reading specialist)
“...excellent cover, photos are amazing, we like how the dog is speaking in first person, we’re studying fables and this book shows us a different moral and fable style, it taught us a great, valuable lesson.”—comments of third-graders
“I LOVE it!!! it’s an inspiring story for children. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous dog!”(—Sally J. Carlson, Canaan owner)
“Lovely illustrations that capture the playful, inquisitive, and determined nature of the Canaan puppy. And her story demonstrates her passion, love, and respect for life and nature along with her lovable ability to charm.”(—Eileen, librarian)
“I absolutely loved Keren’s book—both the illustrations and the story. Though aimed at children, I think most adults would consider it their ‘guilty pleasure.’”(—Ellen Minto, breeder at Canaan Dogs of Anacan, UK)