Free review copies of Stop Bullying book

Submitted by Jerry Halberstadt on Wed, 06/25/2014 - 00:57

Stop Bullying: To Protect Elders and People Living with Disability, by Jerry Halberstadt, is close to completion and I am offering a limited number of free review copies to readers who agree to write their comments and reactions.

The main parts of the book are:

  • What is bullying? What harm does it do? Description and analysis of bullying, group bullying, and mobbing in public and subsidized housing developments
  • Why can't people stop the bullying? A review of available remedies/interventions and their limitations
  • What needs to be done to stop bullying? A proposed program to stop bullying based on a systems analysis and public health concepts. Covering the personal, social, and institutional factors that lead to bullying. Melding insights from studies of bullying and mobbing in schools and the workplace.
  • Does this abuse really take place in America today!? A documentary narrative of my six years in Bleak House; efforts to organize residents, to negotiate with management, put a stop to the worst bullying, struggling against entrenched opposition from some residents and from management.
  • How can we change things? A narrative of advocacy efforts to date, including submitting a bill to stop bullying to the Massachusetts legislature, and the current effort to create a legislative study commission, and growing a coalition of individuals, organizations, legislators, and others.
  • Do you like mysteries? A story of murder in Bleak House is included.
  • Plus extensive bibliography and listing of resources

The book is in draft form and available in PDF. I can also provide, for visually challenged persons, a format that can be read aloud by a suitable text-to-speech program.