Attleboro Citizens Act Against Bullying

Submitted by Jerry on Mon, 07/21/2014 - 16:53

A grass-roots movement of Attleboro citizens, mobilized by the Council on Human Rights and supported by City Councilors Richard Conti and Walter Thibodeau, has convinced the City Council to create an Attleboro anti-bullying commission. They seek to create an Attleboro that respects and welcomes all people throughout the City. UPDATES & NEWSLETTER AT

The blame game and Margaret

Submitted by Jerry on Fri, 12/06/2013 - 21:16

I am deeply concerned for the well being of "Margaret." She is frail and ill, lives with multiple disabilities, yet is being forced out of the shelter where she has been surviving since being bullied, mobbed, and evicted from subsidized housing—possibly to live on the street. But as I look around, I see no help for her, nor indeed for many persons in desperate need and no solutions for the larger social problems, no mending of the frayed social safety net. Instead of strengthening our society, we are breaking it.

I recommend "On a day like this."

Submitted by Jerry on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 21:28

My grown children amaze and delight me. I learn from them all the time. I am proud, though their achievements and wisdom are their own. I share with you an essay by my daughter, Elana; somehow each of her blog posts touches me. Perhaps you will also find inspiration from her.

Elana's thoughts on 9/11: "On a day like this"…

Building A Tenants' Association In HUD Elderly Housing

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 09/02/2011 - 21:33

When HUD created subsidized housing for elders, the goal was to create a safe and secure home for people who could not afford full market rate housing. But certain realities were created to confront elders. Owners believed that not only were they in charge of their buildings, but that they were in charge of their tenants.