Explaining the bill to stop bullying (S604)

Submitted by Jerry Halberstadt on Fri, 06/07/2013 - 16:20

Talking points to support S604, a bill to stop bullying

THE PURPOSES OF S604 are to protect elderly and/or disabled citizens living in subsidized housing from bullying; to hold landlords and management responsible and accountable for having evidence-based policies on bullying; and for the Commonwealth to support ongoing research and demonstration programs and to distribute guidelines that protect disabled and senior residents from bullying.


Current laws and practices are not standardized or adequate to protect either staff working in, or elderly and/or disabled citizens living in, subsidized housing from bullying. Where bullying is uncontrolled, life is consumed by conflict, fear, stress and illness. Residents fear eviction and experience isolation, exclusion, rejection, gossip, abuse and fear when they become the targets of bullying and social bullying. Tenants and staff are unable to live or work in peace. Managers and management companies, local housing authorities, state agencies and even federal oversight agencies are not held accountable for the quality of life in these buildings. It is difficult or impossible for citizens to get relief from bullying in subsidized buildings.


  • RESEARCH AND DEMONSTRATION PROGRAMS are needed to provide solutions that can stop bullying.
  • MANAGEMENT needs to have policies that respect individuals and prevent bullying.
  • OVERSIGHT AND ENFORCEMENT is needed to provide protection and relief for citizens.
  • THE OUTCOMES: Citizens and staff will be able to live and work together, in a supportive, positive, healthy community; treating each other with respect and dignity, tolerate differences, and have the tools to resolve personal and social issues without resorting to inappropriate control over others.

FAQ covering common objections
More information on bullying

TITLE OF S604: An Act to protect residents of subsidized housing developments from bullying; bullying prevention policies and plans; research and demonstration programs. By Ms. Lovely (by request), a petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 604) of Jerry Halberstadt for legislation to protect citizens living in subsidized housing developments from bullying.