You can help save Shaar Hagai, the Israeli home of the Canaan dog, rare ancient breed

Submitted by Jerry Halberstadt on Mon, 09/02/2013 - 21:02

The Canaan dog is like the original dog that entered the life of mankind at the dawn of domestication. A few are still roaming the Israeli desert or living with Bedouin, helping to herd sheep and to guard. For the last 42 years, Myrna Shiboleth has been raising Canaan dogs at her farm, Shaar Hagai, in Israel. She has been instrumental in preserving and strengthening the stock of Canaans, which are now recognized, shown, and loved worldwide. She is now fighting to retain her home so that she can continue her unique work of preserving the Canaan dog.

I have outlined the background and history of this crisis at

Myrna's blog tells the current situation in her own words, The Habibi Diaries

People in the community of Canaan breeders and owners have set up a fund that can accept
online contributions to save Shaar Hagai and the Canaans
I urge you to contribute even a small amount to help support the effort.

My dog, Keren, has told her own story of how she learned to fly like the birds in "Dogged Flight," and the book includes historical information and resources about the breed, as well as many photographs. Her ability to charm will help you understand this wonderful breed.