A summer concert in the park

Submitted by Jerry Halberstadt on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 03:06

Sitting on the lawn, listening to music! On a July evening, in a small green park just steps away from traffic and the city hall.

Looking down on the park, an elderly apartment building. Running through the park, a stream. The park, dedicated to generations of working men and women who immigrated to the United States and to Peabody to work in the leather industry. The Mayor, himself a former leather worker, chatting with everyone. The babies held by parents, perhaps forming a deep memory of family, community, and music. Young children bored, playing ball, blowing bubbles, mesmerised by a trumpet solo. People with their spouses, lovers, friends. A rich golden light outlines a face or a shock of hair. An elderly couple, never far from each other, enjoying the activity, their friends, music. A grandmother watches over her grandchild. A woman cradles her dog. A young couple and their child, perhaps the man is thinking, "I am a proud father with a beautiful wife and we live in this wonderful town." The elders are perhaps thinking, "We are so lucky to have each other and our health, what a beautiful evening it is and how sweet the music."

Photos: Summer Concert