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Reporter spotlights bullying in Attleboro, MA.

The front page story, by Rick Foster, is headlined: Bullying at any age: Experts say aggression by seniors against other seniors is a growing problem—and it's being felt in Attleboro Foster details specific instances of bullying in Attleboro senior housing.

Refugees from bullying enjoy their freedom

How three women escaped

Not from kidnap and rape, but from bullying which is bad enough. Bullies target differences and vulnerability. Three women living with disability in HUD-subsidized housing were bullied—Margaret, in Massachusetts; Christie, in Washington; and Jennifer in Wisconsin. Margaret got evicted and lives in a shelter, Christie managed to buy a home, and Jennifer found a well-managed residence. Their lives are transformed, they feel good again, and they experience hope and peace—even living in a shelter is better than being bullied.

Margaret leads the protest despite being bullied, evicted, and made homeless

Shocking story of injustice—elders and disabled are treated cruelly.

Bullied, evicted, and homeless---Margaret is fighting to stop bullying

Join Margaret in the fight to bring justice to subsidized housing

Fight the threat to Israeli home of Canaan dog, rare ancient breed

Special from Myrna Shiboleth, Shaar Hagai, Israel

"No more hurting people"

No more hurting people. By terrorism. Or by small acts of abuse and harassment, of hatred, by lower-case "terror." Or hunger. Or sending them to live in the street. Or denying them essential services. Or by turning away from pain and suffering.

We failed to stop them bullying Margaret, the bell tolls for us

We failed to stop bullying, and now the target, Margaret, is homeless.

Can we still feel the pain and joy of caring?

As a result of advocating for the rights of people living with age or disability, I am hearing painful stories of injustice.

Justice and hope

If we create the right kind of personal identity, we can say things to the world around us that they don’t yet believe, and get them to do things that they don’t think they can do.---Bryan Stevenson, founder Equal Justice Initiative, speaking at TED

Tell Beacon Hill lawmakers to stop bullying, support S604

How to contact your lawmakers on Beacon Hill in support of S604, A bill to protect citizens from bullying

Organizing for social justice and to stop bullying

Supporters of the Stop Bullying Coalition held a first grassroots strategy meeting to support passage of a bill in the Massachusetts legislature, S604, A bill to protect citizens from bullying.

You can help stop bullying in less than 10 minutes.

How to make calls to support S604

3 minutes: Find the contact information for your state representative and senator.
enter your zip code

Make a call to each representative. 3 minutes each.

Hi, I'm (my name) and I live in the (Representative's/Senator's) District. I support legislation to stop bullying that takes place in subsidized housing for the elderly and disabled. I want to talk with the (Representative/Senator) and ask him/her to support S604, A bill to protect citizens from bullying. My phone is XXX and I live at ADDRESS and my email is me@emailaddress.

Children watch less violence, more empathy, are less aggressive

I was interested in research that what preschoolers watch, and how their parents guide them, can lead to less violence and better social skills. As a grandparent and writer, I believe that our children are formed by how we relate to them, including reading with them.

Stop Bullying Petition and Bill assigned to Joint Committee on Housing

Great progress! Our petition and proposed bill has moved to the Joint Committee on Housing. We will need support from all concerned citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to move this through the legislative process. Write to us to share your experiences, write to your elected state representatives, and let us know if you are prepared to testify in support of the bill.

Canaan dog does well at Westminster dog show

Those of us who know any Canaan, like Canaan dog Keren, already love and treasure the special nature of the Canaan---a mixture of affection, independence, and the untamed wilderness. But even many people who love dogs, don't appreciate this ancient Israeli breed. Owners and breeders of the Canaan feel like Cinderellas, hoping someday that our breed will get the recognition and respect that it deserves.

Found: uncomfirmed fragment of draft of Obama's State of the Union

This handwritten document seems to be part of the working draft for the State of the Union but we were unable to confirm the source or authenticity. It is in short phrases and bullet points but seems to propose a radical program.



A birthday tribute to my two wonderful children, Elana and Ari. And to Canaan Dog Keren, who has been with me for nearly all of her 10 solar years. And in celebration of Tu B'Shvaat, the New Year/Birthday of the Trees.

You shall leave in joy and be led home secure. Before you, mount and hill shall shout aloud, And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

Can mediation help to stop bullying?

Workplace bullying is similar to bullying that takes place in subsidized housing developments. Mediation is not appropriate in either situation.

President Obama, I hope you mean this and will act on climate change now.

We, the people, still believe that our obligations as Americans are not just to ourselves, but to all posterity. We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires, and crippling drought, and more powerful storms. The path towards sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult. But America cannot resist this transition; we must lead it. We cannot cede to other nations the technology that will power new jobs and new industries – we must claim its promise.

A victory and a beginning: Stop Bullying Bill filed with Mass Legislature

bullied woman A victory and a beginning. The STOP BULLYING COMMITTEE has introduced a bill to stop bullying to the Massachusetts Legislature. SD01635 A bill to protect residents of subsidized housing developments from bullying; bullying prevention policies and plans; research and demonstration programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Stop Bullying Petition

bullied woman We welcome questions and suggestions about the petition to "Stop Bullying."
Bullying, including social bullying, has the potential to do serious harm to the targets, including depriving people of their rights to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes, creating stress with consequent psychological and physical injury, and restricting the rights of targets to enjoy normal social interactions or to organize for educational, social, or advocacy purposes.

A call to stop bullying the 24%

bullied womanWe start from the principle that harassment/bullying is harmful and must not be tolerated. We advocate for research, education, and the means to provide protection through intervention and enforcement. Action is necessary and justified because bullying is harmful and because no one deserves to be bullied.

'What am I going to do without my baby?'"

Heartbreaking. Said by the Newtown mother of first grade student Noah Pozner, the youngest of the victims murdered on Friday, who had just turned 6 years old November 20. According to Rabbi Shaul Praver. Reported by Ha'Aretz from an NPR interview.

Support the "Petition to Stop Bullying"

bullied woman

Our petition to stop bullying will be the basis for a bill to be considered by the Mass. legislature.The petiton has been presented to Senator Patricia Jehlen, Chair of the senate committee on elder affairs, who is sympathetic to our concerns. Now is the time for everyone concerned to help. We ask that you advocate through us or let us know what you have done so that we can report and coordinate.

STOP THE CUTS rally in Faneuil Hall to protect social rights programs, jobs

bullied woman

A strong contingent of seniors representing Mass Senior Action Council were among advocates protesting cuts in earned benefits programs. Speakers included Representative Michael E Capuano (8th Mass District) and Representative John Tierney. Photos of the event

Stop Bullying Petition Submitted to Legislature

bullied woman

The Stop Bullying Committee has submitted A petition to stop bullying of elders and people living with disabilities in subsidized apartments to the Massachusetts legislature. We seek your interest and support to enable passage of effective legislation.

Empowering residents, creating a supportive community

Guest post: Mary shares her ideas with Jerry

Hi, Jerry,

I just came across this really awesome idea for senior housing, that is more community-creating, healing and health-supporting, homey and comfortable,

An act stopping the bullying of residents in multi-family residences

An act stopping the bullying of residents of multi-family residences, with attention to elders and persons living with disabilities residing in subsidized housing.

Your chance to help write a law to stop bullying

We are working on legislation to stop bullying of elders and people living with handicaps in subsidized apartments in Massachusetts. We are reaching out to residents, social service professionals (including social workers and community workers), advocacy groups, and landlords to seek input, help, and support. We solicit your comments and feedback on this draft proposal.

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