Doggerel as dictated by my muse, Keren the Canaan girl

Submitted by Jerry Halberstadt on Thu, 07/31/2008 - 21:23

The Canaani Way To love, to serve, to protect, to hunt, to play

Canaani Barking Anthem

One if by smell,
Two if by sight,
Three if by sound.
Don't let no
Stranger fool around.

First the sniff,
Then the snort
Next the growl
Now the bark
Then the howl,
Finally, the Bark-a-Roll.
Heed every clue,
Alert on guard be,
Don't let my people
Need the bell in the steeple.


Double, double, I be most lovable,
Eyes so round, I love you so.
Lick your nose, I told you so.
Snuffle your ear once, and twice,
Now rub my belly, make it nice.
Share your food and your bed,
You can't get me out of your head.

Our walks

Out we go, time to pee,
Sniff the doggie TV,
Local news and worldwide too,
All the trees are dogs' blogs,
Who's who, what's what,
The tops and bottoms of the dogs.
And that's not all,
Chase the cats and squirrels, too.
Poop the poop, pee the pee,
And home we go, past every tree.


Be my person and I'll be your dog,
Play together and sleep like two logs.
Hide from me and I'll you find,
Seek for me and you'll me find.
Fear not when with me you're about,
If someone shouts, I'll make them pout.
With you I'll snuggle while you dream,
And in the morn I'll lick you clean.

A Dog's Get Well (or a cat's)

If you're not well
For me it's hell.
How can I frolic
When you've got the colic?
Trust your Mom
And the doctor, too.
Swallow your pills,
And fruit juice too.
When TV bores,
And fever roils,
When teeth ache,
And Dad's away,
Never fret, do not worry,
Your dog is here, all warm and furry.
But if indeed a dog I'm not,
Then your cat I'll be, all soft and purry.

Coming soon, a book by Keren: Dogged Flight

Copyright 2008 Jerry Halberstadt